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What's the 311?:

311 was founded as a hotline in the 1980s in effort to reduce the amount of non-emergency 911 phone calls. Due to advances in technology, folks today are able to use their phones and computers to quickly and easily report “quality of life issues.” Users of the mobile app Open311/SF311 can report back by sending over a description, map-based location,

and photo.


311 typically receives reports of abandoned vehicles, blocked streets, potholes, grafitti on public or private property, sewer issues, park requests, street/sidewalk cleanings, and much more. The data aggregated from the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project are from the years of 2008 to the end of summer 2016. One may assume that neighborhood, source, type, and years may have an indirect relationship.

Design Deliverables:

Infographic Booklet (print)

(printed on kraft paper)



Ps, Ai, Id, RStudio+



Helvetica Neue


Project Timeline:

4 Weeks



Anti-Eviction Mapping Project


Charting 311 Requests based on request types.

(Amount of  311 Requests by neighborhood, above)

Front Cover (on paper)


Back Cover

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