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_spect_ marks the 27th celebration of San Francisco State University annual Design and Industry Student Design Exhibition. Each year, graduating students and alumni gather to display the skills and techniques they have studied and prevailed over their course at SFSU.


Combined alongside our exhibit class, the Student Exhibition will be filled with amazing innovations and ideas that represent not only the current generation of students. This year, the exhibition has been designed by students from DAI 524 Information Design 2: Exhibits coordinated by Prof. Paul Nowicki. The exhibition is funded in part by the University’s Instructional Related Activities fund, which provides most of the budget for the show. Other funding is obtained through the fundraising efforts of the students.


The exhibits class offers the students a multidisciplinary approach that includes many disciplines: graphics, 3D design, environmental design, planning, fundraising, fabrication, marketing, event planning, project management, etc. The class is run as a real-life studio environment with ongoing deadlines and the culmination of the exhibition week in mid-May and the opening reception. In addition, logistical and management elements are also addressed that lead to a successful coordination within the budgetary framework of the exhibition. The activity is an excellent opportunity for members of the class to experience professional practices in the organizational and design aspects of exhibits.


After the initial brainstorming and sketching process, a name is selected and a visual direction is decided upon, then the class is divided into three teams: graphics, structures, and logistics. During the week of the show, all students in the class participate in the installation of the structures, the hanging of the artwork, and some are always present at the 5,000 sq ft gallery to insure the safety of the works and to greet visitors and guide them through the show if needed.


The University benefits enormously from the total integrated advertising campaign and positive public relations fostered by the exhibit. As a result of the continued success and attraction of the Annual Design & Industry Student Exhibition at San Francisco State University, it remains the only student-sponsered event that is hosted in Jack Adams Hall every year for at least a 4-day period, the longest for any SF State student-run activity.

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It took weeks for the graphics team to decide on the actual logo.

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After several iterations, ta-da!


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