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Convenient Breakfast:

Quick and easy breakfast that differs to other products currently on the instant-breakfast market. Panda Pockets are Asian-style filling within a tamale. Only 2 minutes in the microwave you can have a convenient Asian-Mesoamerican Fusion breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack.


Traditionally, tamales are a Mesoamerican dish made of corn masa that can be steamed/boiled in a leaf wrapper like corn husks or banana leaves. Before eating, the wrapper is discarded. Tamales are a versatile dish since they can be filled with a variety of fillings like meats, vegetables, cheese, and chillies.  Some use fruits like raisins to make a sweeter dish. Thus, the opportunity for creating new flavored fillings is entirely possible.

• Inexpensive

• Fresh & Nutritious

• Hot & Savory

• Asian Flavors

• Easy to Cook (Microwave)

• Can eat in 5 min.

• Organic/Natural

Initial Product Brand Title:

Before Panda Pockets, there was Dragon Tamales.


Panda Pockets Packaging

Design Deliverables:

Creative Brief

Packaging Design (physical)

Persona Solutions





Project Timeline:

8 Weeks


Original Illustrations:

Topher Maka


What is Jia-Ying looking for

in a convenient breakfast?

Peter the Panda:

Panda Pocket's mascot.


Comice Pear & Duck

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