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The lens is placed only on the data presented from the police department records, specifically encompassing the City and County of San Francisco, California. The main intention is to present data that is available as public record, not the validity, but rather the visualization of statistics that concern many of San Francisco’s citizens.


Although, news and media outlets have been magnifying the the actions of police officers made possible by cameras at the population’s disposal, San Francisco does not have high reported deaths involved in shootings, but that does not dispel the issue of gun violence overall. This report is not intended to act as a plea for gun control measures, or as an attack against police officers, but rather to show the facts reported by the police institutions that have made the oath to protect and serve the community.


Each visualization is within a given range or year(s) and details numbers involving officers and the public with shootings, weapons, fatalities, demographic, and more. Take note of the following article from the San Francisco Chronicle which sets the tone for those unaware of the current status involving the police department and the public in crisis.

'Frisco Facts:

All San Francisco Police Departments reported shootings on record are available as public data.

2009 to 2015:

# of individual officers involved in shootings by district



Reported Weapons Cited in Shootings (2000-2015)

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Bi-Fold Booklet (print handout)



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Project Timeline:

3 Weeks


2011 to 2015:

Reported Shooting Victims

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